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Helpful Resources from the Georgia PTA

Developing your Communications Plan

PTA Logos (EPS and TIFs in zip file) - Logos in English and Spanish for PTAs and PTSAs.

Guidelines for Using PTA Logos

Customizing PTA Logos

PTA Logo and Logo Usage - PTA has established guidelines for the proper use of the PTA name, logo, and tagline.  When used properly, PTA’s logo and tagline create a consistent message, help unify all PTAs, and sets PTA apart from the competition.  The success of our PTA brand identity system depends on all PTAs’ adherence to the established guidelines. -

Helpful Resources from the National PTA

Branding and Web Guidelines - National PTA

Blogging Tips - National PTA

TIPS for Communicating
  • Use Visual Aids - is a great tool for graphic communication. Most of the graphics on this website were created on Canva for free!
  • Never underestimate the power of signs - use the marquis out in front of your school. One school showed a double in PTA membership over night when the marquis read, "50 families joined PTA last night. Can we get 50 more?" They in fact got 100 more the following day!
  • Signs out front of the school reminding parents and teachers of important events. For instance, "PTA Meeting Tonight!" There may even be signs like this stored in your school's PTA closet!
  • Use social media! Facebook is a direct line into the lives and homes of your school's families!
Useful Online Tools
  • Canva - Free graphic design with preset size layouts for all social media outlets
  • Remind - Free text messaging app for schools
  • Smore - e-Newsletters
  • Buffer - Social Media Manager (free basic service or upgrade with non-profit discount)
  • Hootsuite - Social Media Manager (free basic service or upgrade with non-profit discount)
  • Doodle - Scheduling