PTA In The News

We are appreciative when news of the work that the PTA does on behalf of children is shared with a wider audience. The East Cobber graciously publishes an article from one of the ECCC PTA committees each month.  The articles are posted below.

To see the corresponding archived East Cobber issues, click here.

In addition to the articles below, be sure to check out the newsroom on the National PTA website.

August 2016 - The East Cobber - "Our Students, Our Schools, Our Responsibility" 

February 2016 - The East Cobber - "The East Cobb County Council of PTAs Celebrates the Arts"

January 2016 - The East Cobber "Margie Hatfield PTA Scholarship: Applicants and Donations Needed"

December 2015 - The East Cobber -  "Family Engagement in Education Makes A Lifelong Difference"

November 2015 - The East Cobber"Diversity Today = Success Tomorrow"

October 2015 - The East Cobber - "Understanding Current Education Reform Proposals is a Community Responsibility"

September 2015 - The East Cobber -  "You Are Invited To Join East Cobb PTAs – Help Us Make Every Child’s Potential A Reality"

August 2015 - The East Cobber - "Our Goal is Nothing Less Than to Help Our Children Reach for the Stars and Change the World"

May 2015 - The East Cobber"No Child Left Inside: Why an Integrated Approach to Environmental Education is Critical to Student Success" and "ECCC PTA Recognizes Outstanding Seniors"

April 2015 - The East Cobber  - "ECCC PTA Parent and Teacher Survey Report"

March 2015 - The East Cobber - "PROM SEASON 2015: Shorter Dresses, Fancier Parties, Same Safety Concerns"

February 2015 - The East Cobber  - "You Are What You Eat"

January 2015 - The East Cobber "Margie Hatfield Scholarship Seeks Applicants"

December 2014 - The East Cobber  - "Family Engagement is Much More Than Just What Happens at Home"

November 2014 - The East Cobber  - "Is Your School 'No Place for Hate?'"

October 2014 - The East Cobber - "Decisions are Being Made About Your Child's Education" and "The East Cobb County Council of PTAs Celebrates the Arts!"

September 2014 - The East Cobber "Your PTA Membership is Powerful and Important"

August 2014 - The East Cobber - "Welcome Back!" 

National PTA - December/January edition of Our Children

December 2012 - The East Cobber  - "Family Engagement"

November 2012 - The East Cobber - "Health & Wellness"

October 2012 - The East Cobber - "Membership"

September 2012 - The East Cobber  - "Welcome Back!"

Fall 2012 - The East Cobber  - 9th District PTA Newsletter

National PTA - August/September 2012 Our Children