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2016 November 8th - OSD (Opportunity School District)

Thanks to a grass roots campaign led by the Georgia PTA and other interested organizations to vote down the Opportunity School District, the ammendment to the Georgia Constitution was denied by the majority of Georgia voters. The Georgia PTA took a firm stance against OSD and proved just how powerful their advocacy efforts can be, even in the midst of a substantial presidential election.

Georgia voters were asked to approve a constitutional amendment that would allow the creation of a state-run school district (the Opportunity School District or “OSD”).  A superintendent appointed by and reporting to the governor would have overseen this district should it have been passed.  In addition, the language that appeared on the ballot was misleading.

Georgia PTA joined with many community and educational advocacy groups in opposing the Opportunity School District Amendment.  The OSD language did not align with Georgia PTA legislative priorities because it:

  • removes families from having a voice at their school,
  • can lead to loss of local control over education policy and money,
  • places decision making for these schools with an appointed (not elected) official.

Read the GA PTA Summary or watch the online video to learn more.

2016 ECCC PTA Resolution in Support of High-Quality Education

 The ECCC PTA adopted a Resolution in Support of a High-Quality Education at its February 2016 general meeting.   A high-quality education is critical to the future of our students, communities, county and state.  Click here to see it.

2015 ECCC PTA Education Forum Follow-up

On December 8, 2015, the ECCC PTA hosted an Education Forum to discuss the proposed recommendations presented by the Georgia Educational Reform Commission and how those recommendations will impact Cobb County.  To find follow-up information about this event, click here.

2014  ECCC PTA Parent & Teacher Survey Report on Class Sizes

The ECCC PTA conducted Parent and Teacher Surveys about Class Sizes (student/teacher ratio) at the end of the 2014 school year. The two anonymous, informal surveys revealed that responding parents and teachers expressed concern about larger class sizes in East Cobb and the corresponding impact on the learning experience.

To see ECCC PTA introductory comments about the Parent and Teacher Surveys, click here.

To access the Survey Results, click here.

The surveys were in no way a comment on the quality of our teachers, administration and school staff -- for whom we have the highest respect and admiration. They are indicators of parent and teacher concern about an issue that is important to education delivery.

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