Legislation & Advocacy

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Who represents your school?
It is important for you and your members to know the representatives of your school.
ECCC School Representatives - Please invite these representatives and more to your school events - sporting events, concerts, meetings, etc.
What Can We Do as PTA Members?


  • Communicate with Our Elected Officials
  • Share with elected officials what you think is important to your students and school community.
  • Educate your PTA membership and school community about education policy issues.
  • Invite elected officials to visit your school.
  • Thank our teachers. They do a lot for our children.
Voting Information
To register to vote, click here.
Registered Cobb County voters can go to any advance voting location.
Nearest location:
East Cobb Government Service Center
4400 Lower Roswell Road
How can I Vote-by-Mail?
Applications are available at cobbelection.org. For more information, call 770-528-2581.
Cobb County Board of Elections Office: CobbElections.org

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