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The ECCCPTA deadline is Friday, November 3rd.  We will be collecting the judged entries at the Mountain View Library in the Community Room between 11am and 2pm.

For more information, or if you have questions regarding ECCC PTA's Reflections Contest or the Art in Education Committee, please email

Reflections Forms, Rules and Links


Hello Reflections chairs,

Your deadlines should be getting close! The Georgia PTA website has been updated, but there is difficulty in scrolling down to the Reflections link. Please use this LINK to go directly to the Reflections page.  
Below are some shortcuts to important resources:
Official Rules
Student Entry Form (Please edit this form before distributing)
Special Artist Rules

Please note that the new rules that were published this year state that a digital image is required with 2D Visual Arts entries.  IT IS NOT REQUIRED. Please do not worry about submitting an image. 

Judges Packet and Rubric
This year we are asking that you judge your entries by division and not by grade, as we did in the past.

The divisions are:

  • Primary-grades K-2
  • Intermediate- grades 3-5
  • Middle- grades 6-8
  • High- grades 9-12

We will be accepting the top 4 entries of each division. 

The ECCCPTA deadline is Friday, November 3rd.  We will be collecting the judged entries at the Mountain View Library in the Community Room between 11am and 2pm.

There has been some confusion about acceptable formats for film, music and dance. I have confirmed with the state that we will accept flash drives.  Please refer to the rules for how to label the drives. It is very important that they are labeled correctly. They must be clear of all other files. Remember that all flash drives and CDs must be placed in a manila envelope with student entry form in a plastic sleeve taped to the back.

Below you will see the correct packaging for Visual Arts and Photography. All other categories should be packaged in a manila envelope with a sheet protector taped to the back, containing the entry form.


Priority Fair Training Information

Thank you to the local chairs who attended the Reflections training at the Priority Fair yesterday.  If you did not attend, there will be a packet sent to your PTA president at your school through the county mail. Please be on the lookout for this packet. It has important resources for you. There are some changes with the Reflections program you must be aware of.

This is a link to the PowerPoint presentation given at the training.  Please take the time to browse through it.

The ECCCPTA deadline for entries has been extended by one week this year. It will be Friday, November 3rd. Location TBA.  You should have your local school deadline set.  Be sure to edit your Student Entry Form to reflect your local school information.

Please refer to the National PTA website and the Georgia PTA website for Reflections links and toolkit.

Reach out to us if you have any questions.
Rachael Astorga
Julie Gilchrist

What is Reflections?

The Reflections Arts Recognition Program is a national arts recognition and achievement program for students. Since 1969, over 10 million students across the nation have taken part in this popular PTA program.

The excitement and enthusiasm that the program generates for students, parents, schools and communities is unmatched with the majority of Georgia PTAs participating in the program at all PTA levels.

That’s why the Reflections Program provides an excellent opportunity for students of all ages to:

  • Unleash their creative talents and be inspired
  • Express themselves imaginatively in their artwork
  • Experience the joy and fun of making art
  • Tap into critical thinking skills to create art inspired by the annual theme
  • Receive positive recognition for their original works of art

As an added bonus, in showcasing and celebrating student talent, the Reflections Program increases community awareness of the importance of the arts in education.

National PTA: For Students

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Reflections Contest Winners

We are so proud to share that East Cobb has two students whose art work has been recognized at the National PTA Reflections Contest.  Congratulations to Leonardo D. from Shallowford Falls Elementary School for receiving an Award of Excellence in the Primary Division. Congratulations also to William S. from Sope Creek Elementary School for receiving an Award of Merit in the Intermediate Division. Both students submitted entries in the photography category.

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