Treasurer Resources

Things to Remember 
  • DUES - Pay State and National portion of Membership Dues to Georgia PTA.
  • ACCOUNTING - Keep the books up to date at all times.
  • BUDGET - Review and ensure that it still meets the needs of the organization.  Also, did your fall fundraiser make more than expected.  Consider amending your budget at your December PTA Meeting to reflect this extra income.  Then your Executive Committee will also want to think about what to do with these extra funds (allocating more to committees who have requested higher budgets, create an appropriations model).
  • DEPOSITS - Make all deposits promptly and with all the proper paperwork.
  • PAYMENTS - Make all payments by check promptly and with all the proper paperwork.
  • BANK STATEMENTS - Reconcile and review by the President and a non-signing third party. (this is required per our Bonding Insurance)
  • TREASURER REPORT - Give at every Executive Committee, Board of Directors and General Membership meetings.
News For Treasurers

Confused about some of the rules and procedures of being the Treasurer? When it comes to money, the only dumb questions are the questions not asked!!! The Treasurer’s section of the Leadership Resource Guide as well as the Money Matters document and the Finance Quick Reference Guide are all great resources.  If you have financial questions, please contact ECCC PTA Treasurer Cindy Smoak at Below you will find links to important documents for the Treasurer.

Check Request Form
Funds Verification Funds Form (Replaces Cash Verification Form)
Dues Transmittal Form
Donation Transmittal Form
PTA Audit Form
IRS 990 Filing Verification Form
Treasurer Instructions for 990 N e-Postcard 
IRS Form 990 N - link to IRS with instructions
Treasurer Instructions for Form 990 EZ
Treasurers' Resources
Treasurer's Checklist
Treasurer Month by Month Guide
2014-15 Leadership Resource Guide – Treasurer’s Section
PTA Finance Quick Reference Guide
Money Matters 2016